Light Shootout

You need to be visible to be safe on the road. So you need a good set of lights when you are riding at night. With the right lights and reflective tape, you'll be more noticeable at night than during the day, when a colorful jersey might blend in with the surroundings.

We did an in-house test to demonstrate the difference in brightness of the various front and rear lights we sell. Click on the link next to each light name to see the light's output at a distance of eight feet.* We'll be adding more lights soon.

The lights in the shootout were:

Fronts Rears
Avenir Bullet ON
Niterider Ultrafazer ON
Planet Bike Blaze One-Watt HI LOW
Planet Bike Blaze Half-Watt ON
Princeton Tec EOS-1 HI MED LOW
Princeton Tec Push HI LOW
Knog Boomer ON

Infini Amuse ON
Knog Boomer ON
Niterider Cherry Bomb ON
Planet Bike SuperFlash ON
Portland Design Works DangerZone ON
Portland Design Works RadBot ON
Sunlite Blinky ON

Conditions for testing:
All of the lights were pointed at a white slatwall surface at a distance of 8 feet from the camera. 
The fronts were shot at 1/25s, f4.5, ISO400. The rears were shot at 1/5, f4.5, ISO400. 
The black hooks are spaced at 1 foot intervals from the center.  

WINNERS (based on light output):

1) Princeton Tec EOS-1
2) Princeton Tec Push
3) Planet Bike Blaze One Watt

1) Portland Design Works RadBot
2) Portland Design Works DangerZone
3) NiteRider CherryBomb