Detours Bicycle Bags And Packs!

Detours makes great bags, packs and panniers!Detours makes a wide selection of excellent cycling bags for every rider. Whether you're a cross-country tourist, an everyday cDetours bike bags make every commute fun!ommuter or you just want a great way to carry your stuff, you'll find a Detours bag, pack or pannier that's perfect for you and all your two-wheeled adventures.

Since their beginnings, Detours has designed a variety of fine products for a wide range of riding needs and advocated for green living, too. Their unique Juicy bags and panniers for example, such as the Toocan Juicy, Toocan Grassy and City Juicy, are not only eye-catching, but also eco-friendly and made fromDetours bags are a fun way to carry your cargo! recycled juice boxes and grasses native to Vietnam.

Also, proceeds from the sales of these products go to the non-profit organization, Money From Garbage, which helps employ women in the rural Philippines.

If touring is your thing, Detours has the perfect panniers for any distance you have in mind. Their basic Transit panniers are tops for entry-level adventurers, or grab their XCountry for globetrotting in style. Or, if you're looking for a smaller, simpler setup, Detours' innovative High Tail seatpost bags may be just the thing. They attach to virtually any non-carbon seatpost and are available in a variety of sizes for plenty of carrying capacity.

Stop by our shop to see our full assortment of Detours bags and add some real versatility to your bicycle!