Lynskey Bicycles!

Lynskey's family crest. As you may remember, David Lynskey founded Litespeed in 1986 and sold the company in 1999. He came back to the bicycle fabrication world with Lynskey Performance Designs simply because he missed it. He wanted his new company to be different though. He wanted to improve the cycling experience by offering a truly custom ride for every rider.
Another Lynskey rolling masterpiece!
He wanted to do more than just taking stock tubes out of a bin and cutting them differently for your geometry. He wanted to offer even more customization. Today Lynskey starts with a blank sheet of paper, an idea and a wish list of how you want your bike to work. This ensures that your dream bicycle more than just fits well. It guarantees that it performs perfectly and is just how you want it, right down to the tiniest detail. Are you a huge guy that cranks out the watts? Are you a petite woman who doesn't want the stiffness of a pro racer's bike? Lynskey will make you the perfect ride. Plus, they're expert at road and off-road designs too.

When Lynskey says custom bicycle, they mean it!Lynskey hand makes every bike they build in Tennessee. They use US milled aerospace grade 6Al/4V and 3Al/2.5V titanium to create the most durable, fine-tunable and nicest bicycles you can ride. They also own their own CNC machines. This gives Lynskey unlimited control over the manufacturing process, which means that you can feel confident that your order will move through the shop with ease and exacting precision.

Lynskey Performance Designs is also a small, family-owned company and this lets them focus fully on your utmost satisfaction. Whether you're looking for a stock frame or going for a full custom job, we can help you design the ride of your life with Lynskey.