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Engineering icon Rolf Dietrich created the ingenious paired spoke technology that changed the way people think about bicycle wheels today. At Rolf Prima, we''re committed to developing the world''s most innovative wheel designs that deliver the lightest, fastest wheels available anywhere.

With all the choices in bicycle wheel systems today, why choose Rolf Prima wheels?

Better Performance
Rolf Prima wheels deliver the highest level of performance without compromises. Even our lowest spoke count wheels have as many pulling spokes as a traditional 32-spoke wheel. Despite using fewer spokes, our wheel designs allow us to build wheels with higher spoke tensions for better stiffness and excellent ride quality.

Better Built
Most bicycle wheels sold today are built by machines which can''t match human hands for building uniform tensions. Every Rolf Prima wheel is hand-built in our Eugene, OR facility using a proprietary build process that allows our wheels to run true longer - without the need for constant attention during the wheel "break-in period" other wheels are subject to.

Better technology
All Rolf Prima wheel systems incorporate several design and engineering technologies not found in other wheel brands. Our wheel designs represent a complex synergy of several proprietary technologies developed to produce unparalleled gains in strength, durability and speed.



Rolf Prima wheel systems incorporate state of the art design and engineering that comprises much more than just our patented Paired Spoke Design. Every Rolf Prima wheel system incorporates several other patented design technologies including Differential Flange Diameter, Dish Reducing Design, Self-Aligning Nipple, Jacketed Nipple Design, and Zero Offset Flange drilling. Our wheels are the technological best choice from professional racers to top-level amateurs.

A Technical Introduction to Paired Spoke Wheels: Rolf Dietrich invented the paired spoke technology (US Patent No. 5,931,544) that allows us to build lighter wheels with fewer spokes at greater tensions than traditional wheel designs..

Lighter Rims: Our Paired Spoke Design enables the use of lighter weight rims which significantly lowers rotational weight, enhances climbing and sprinting speed and increases braking performance.

By pairing the spokes at the rim, the lateral force component of spoke tension is neutralized by the opposing lateral force exerted by the second spoke in the pair. By balancing these opposing lateral forces, Rolf Prima wheels can use substantially lighter rims. As rim weight is reduced, traditional wheels quickly reach a limit on minimum rim weight. With a given number of spokes, Rolf Prima wheels can use a lighter rim.



Fewer spokes: With a given rim weight, Rolf Prima wheels are able to use fewer spokes because they don''t have to contend with the unbalanced lateral forces at play with traditional spoke pattern wheels. And fewer spokes means lighter weight and better aerodynamic performance.

Greater spoke tensions: Paired spoke technology allows Rolf Prima wheels to have static spoke tensions that are two to four times higher than traditional low spoke count wheels. Higher spoke tensions allow for a more torsionally stiff wheel. Since traditional wheels require higher individual spoke tensions to maintain adequate torsional stiffness, rim weight must be increased significantly to offset the unbalanced lateral forces at play with an alternating spoke pattern.

Enhanced durability: Rolf Prima wheels don''t sacrifice durability for lightweight performance. Our high spoke tensions significantly increase spoke fatigue life by reducing the percentage change in tension that spokes experience under normal riding conditions.

The result: Fewer spokes, lighter rims, higher spoke tensions, greater durability. Qualities once mutually exclusive - now available with all Rolf Prima wheel systems.

We have a very wide range of wheels available to make your ride a more pleasant experience. Be it to the top of the mountain or around the next 30 mile-per-hour corner, Rolf wheels will simply get you there faster.

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