Continental Bicycle Tires!

Continental tires are engineered and handcrafted in Germany!
Over 100 years of developing and producing bicycle tires has made Continental world famous. From all-around models, to off-road rubber, to gossamer world-championship wonders, every product reflects classic German engineering and the very highest standards!

Continental's Grand Prix 4000 is light, tough and fast!

Conti's GP4000 introduces a host of innovations never before seen in the world of bike tires. The tread pattern has been moved to the shoulders to increase traction in the corners. Tread wear indicators show the wear rate of the tire, eliminating guessing. The ultimate highlight however, is the introduction of Vectran. It's a polymer membrane that offers exceptional puncture protection and reduces rolling resistance, all at a race-ready weight.

The Contact is the jack-of-all-trades among city and touring tires. A uniform center tread ensures a smooth and speedy ride on the road. Flexible shoulder lugs and fine sipes guarantee grip in curves and on loose surfaces. And, it's extremely resistant to punctures thanks to Continental's SafetySystem, a polyamide nylon strip placed just under the tread.
Continental's Contact loves city streets!
Continental's Ultra GatorSkin is tough and grippy!

Continental's Ultra GatorSkin combines 3 flat-protection technologies into one fast-riding, high-mileage racing and training tire. It features a super-fine 180 thread-per-inch casing, a bead-to-bead layer of DuraSkin, and is finished with a Kevlar-reinforced top layer. The result is a light tire that rolls and corners with the best of them while providing flat protection second to none.

The Cross Country Pro is a great choice for both hardpack and muddy conditions. It features water-diversion sipes and specially shaped chevrons for top-notch cornering. It also has widely spaced knobs for self cleaning in sloppy and loose conditions, and the 1.5-inch width helps reduce mud build-up. The Cross Country Pro has Kevlar (folding) beads, which reduce the weight and ease installation and removal.

Continental's Cross Country Pro tames all trail conditions!
Ride the Tempo, and ride like the pros!

As a very lightweight and fast track tire, the Tempo gathers medals at international track events again and again. It has also found its way onto the ultra lightweight bikes of the climbing specialists during the grand tours. The Tempo features a 3-ply casing and a 180 TPI thread count for a high quality ride. The fine cross-hatch tread pattern maximizes grip on the banking without adding rolling resistance.

Tackling tough terrain? Check out Continental's Vertical UST. This sweet tire rolls smoothly on hardpack and grips great on the loose stuff thanks to Continental's Endless Edge technology. Whether on the front or rear, its large volume offers super control, a fine ride, and eliminates pinch flats, too. This tubeless tire also sports light Kevlar (folding) beads.

Enjoy the wonder of tubeless tires with Continental's Vertical UST!

Continental's Town & Country is a great choice!

The Town & Country is a durable workhorse on and off the road, built for stability, traction and value. Police bike squadrons throughout the world use the Town & Country because of its puncture resistance, high mileage and low rolling resistance The slick center rolls smoothly on pavement and the recessed tread offers excellent control in the corners.

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