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Crank Brothers Bicycle Components!

Every product that Crank Brothers makes shines!

Crank Brothers began with an ingenious new tire lever and moved on to revolutionizing clipless pedals, pumps and tools. Everything they make is beautifully designed and carefully crafted. If you're looking for perfection in pedals and/or top tools, look no farther than Crank Brothers! 

The Eggbeater is a totally brilliant design with super-easy entry and exit!

Crank Brothers' Eggbeater Ti is 4-sided, which makes these pedals super easy to enter and exit. Plus, the open design sheds mud so they work great in all conditions. The Eggbeater Ti pedals feature 6AL/4V-titanium bodies, stainless-steel springs and axles, and 6 degrees of float. These great pedals also boast grease ports for easy maintenance

Crank's Candy SL offers top-notch comfort and support!


Crank Brothers' Candy SL pedals combine Crank's excellent 4-sided cages for super-easy entry and exit with composite platforms for top-notch support. The Candy SLs feature stainless-steel axles and an open design to quickly shed mud. They keep your feet close to the axles for maximum pedal power, too, and you can choose a release angle of 15 or 20 degrees.

Crank Bros' Mallet Ms are the ticket for downhilling!

Crank Brothers' Mallet M pedals sport Crank's super easy-to-enter/exit 4-sided cages with wide magnesium platforms for first-class support, and tough chromoly axles for durability, making these great pedals ideal for downhilling and freeriding. The open design quickly sheds mud for reliability in sloppy conditions, the stainless-steel end plates grip fast and you can choose from 15 to 20 degrees for the release angle.

Crank Brothers' Quattros are sleek, aero and comfortable!
Crank Brothers' Quattro Ti pedals boast low profiles for the ultimate in pedaling efficiency by keeping your feet as close as possible to the axles. Easy entry and exit is guaranteed thanks to Crank Brothers' famous Eggbeater mechanism, which can be entered from either side. It provides 6 degrees of float and can be adjusted for a release angle from 15 to 20 degrees. The Quattro Ti features 6Al/4V-titanium axles for weight savings and composite patforms with steel-reinforced sides for a great ride and super durability.

Crank it with Crank Brothers!


Crank Brothers' Cobalt SL Crankset offers strength and style. CNC machined from reliable 7075 aluminum, this crankset also features distinctive and protective stainless-steel covers. Plus, it boasts replaceable pedal threads, self-extracting crankarm bolts (for removing the crankarms with an Allen wrench), and TruVativ chainrings.

Crank Brothers' Multi-10 Tool is a ride-saver!


How about 10 great features in one light, compact tool? Crank Brothers' Multi-10 Tool has an aluminum frame and 10 important tools: Phillips and regular screwdrivers, Torx T25 tool (for disc brakes), and 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm Allen wrenches.

Crank Brothers' Power Pump Pro fixes flats fast!

Crank Brothers' Power Pump Pro features a tough aluminum barrel, a switch to select high-volume (off-road tires) or high-pressure (road tires) inflation and a handy built-in gauge. It's also light and small so it's easy to carry in a pocket or pack. The Power Pump Pro fits Schrader and Presta valves, too.

What ingenious products will Crank Brothers dream up next? We'll let you know!