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Giro Helmets: Light, Cool and Comfortable
That's why Lance wears a Giro.

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Helmets have come a long way since they were first invented, and no company is more
focused or more committed than Giro when it comes to creating great helmets.
In fact, that’s all Giro does.

Inspired design helps you feel and be your best. Giro helmets are renowned for great fit, advanced technology, and amazing ventilation. In fact, Giro invented the first truly lightweight cycling helmet, the
first fit and stability system, and pioneered ventilation research. These innovations paved the way for today’s best features.

Roc Loc
Adjustable fit and feel
for maximum comfort
and stability.

Rib Cage
external ribs.

Wind Tunnel
Internal channels and active
vents pour cool, fresh air
around your head.

P.O.V. adjustable visors
Secure over rough roads and
trails, yet adjustable.

Roll Cage
Extra strength molded into the
foam of Giro's best models.

Helmets You Want to Wear
Every Giro helmet is designed to look, fit and feel like a part of you. And they all meet the tough CPSC safety standard. So why not get a helmet you really like?

The Atmos is Giro’s best helmet, and the
choice of Lance Armstrong and the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team. It features 26 Wind Tunnel vents for incredible cooling power, a Roc Loc 4 system for the ultimate fit, and revolutionary In-molded carbon fiber reinforcement with a full internal Roll Cage. It’s easy to see why it’s the coolest helmet on the road!
Starting at $189.99

The Indicator offers incredible comfort, performance and style, perfect for road or trail
riding. It features rugged In-mold construction
for durability, 20 super-size vents and a sleek, removable visor that shades your eyes from sun and rain. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear that it practically disappears when you put it on!

Helmets are the most worthwhile safety investment you can make.
But they don’t last forever. Here’s why:

Crashes: Helmets are constructed of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. EPS absorbs forces by compressing, absorbing impacts that could cause a serious head injury. This is a one-time capability; EPS doesn’t re-form after compressing, so it
cannot effectively manage additional impacts. Replace any crashed helmet immediately, even if it LOOKS okay.

Environmental concerns: Over time,
the forces of nature and everyday wear and tear can affect a helmet’s ability to absorb impacts, meaning that while it still offers some protection, it’s not as good as a new helmet. For this reason, helmet manufacturers and the Snell Memorial Foundation (the leading independent helmet certification authority) recommend replacing even un-damaged helmets every five years.

Safety, style and weight: Helmets today are lighter, more comfortable and safer than your old lid. Come in today; you’ll be impressed by how good a new helmet feels.