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Kryptonite Bicycle Locks!

Keep your bike safe with Kryptonite locks!

You have a lot invested in your bicycle. So keep it safe with a Kryptonite lock. Since 1971 Kryptonite has set the standard in bicycle security systems and today they offer a complete line of locks for various types of bicycles and lock up situations.  Frustrate thieves everywhere with Kryptonite locks. We're experts in bicycle security and can help you select the perfect Kryptonite lock. Just ask!

Kryptonite's New York Lock is made to survive the Big Apple's mean streets!

The New York Lock®  provides ultimate security in urban, campus and other high theft danger areas. Its 16mm hardened Kryptonium® steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks. Double deadbolt locking provides extensive holding power. This lock features a center keyway that defends against leverage attacks and includes a high security disc style cylinder. A dustcover protects the cylinder from grit and grime. Plus, a lighted key and an optional $3,000 Anti-Theft Protection Offer are included. Protective vinyl cover, anti-rattle bumpers, EZ Mount transportation bracket (STD only) and Key Safe program are also included.

Kryptonite's Evolution U-Lock has a lighted key!

The toughest bicycle security for moderate to high crime areas, the Evolution™ U-lock has a half-inch (13mm) through-hardened Kryptonium™ steel shackle. It features a high-security, disc-style cylinder that has a center location, which defends against leverage attacks. This lock has a reinforced sleeve over the crossbar and cylinder providing additional security. Included are: anti-rattle bumpers to noise reduction during transport, lighted key for nighttime use, a rotating dustcover to protect the cylinder and the EZ Mount transportation bracket. The Evolution is part of the Key Safe program and can be paired with a KryptoFlex® cable for quick-release component and accessory lock up.

Kryptonite's KryptoLok is rattle-free!

The KryptoLok® is perfect for use in low to moderate risk locations. It features a tough 1/2-inch, hardened high-grade carbon alloy steel shackle that resists hand tools. This lock features a high-security disc style cylinder and has a center keyway, which defends against leverage attacks. A $1,250 Anti-Theft Protection Offer and Kryptonite's Key Safe program are included. Other features are: EZ Mount transportation bracket and anti-rattle bumpers to reduce noise during transport.
Kryptonite's Fohgettabout is one of the toughest locks out there!

The New York Fahgettaboudit® is the ultimate security for urban and other high-danger areas. Its chain features 11mm six-sided links made of triple-heat-treated boron-manganese steel for unbelievable strength, while the unique link shape defies cutters, saws, chisels, hammers and files. The narrow inner width of the individual links also prevents leverage attacks. The Fahgettaboudit includes a maximum-security New York Disc Lock with its through-hardened 13mm Kryptonium Steel shackle. Plus, this lock is compact, weatherproof and even includes a lighted key!

Kryptonite's Gorgon Cable will put your mind at ease!

The Gorgon Cable is a vinyl-coated, 20mm braided-steel cable lock designed for security in moderate crime areas. This braided steel cable has a greater core density than a twisted cable and provides increased cut resistance. The Gorgon includes a high-security disc-style cylinder and a transportation bracket. This lock is a part of the Key Safe program.


Kryptonite's Resettable Combination Combo Cable III is self-coiling for ease of use!


The RCL III is perfect for safeguarding bicycles in low-risk areas and for locking quick-release components and accessories. Its thick, 12mm steel cable is 6-feet long for plenty of reach and self coils for easy storage. For easy carrying, it includes a hook-and-loop strap and a transportation bracket. This lock features a 4-digit resettable locking mechanism and is part of Kryptonite's Combo Safe program.

Visit our store to see more Kryptonites and select the best one for you and your bike!