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Sidi designs and constructs some of the best cycling shoes available!

For outstanding comfort, awesome power transfer and amazing durability, there's nothing like Sidi cycling shoes! Handcrafted in Italy, they offer a fit and feel you'll love whether you're a roadie or mountain biker, a top-level pro or just starting out. Come experience the Sidi difference!

You may just decide to turn pro once you slide on the high-tech Ergo 2 Carbons from Sidi. Ever the masters of cycling shoe design, Sidi pushes the envelope further with the Ergo 2's tuned Carbon Grid soles, gossamer weight, fantastic looks and handcrafted Italian fit and feel. You'll love the awesome pedal power and especially the amazing comfort of the Lorica/mesh uppers, Soft Arch Compression Straps with Ultra SL Buckles, the Tecno II Buckles over the arches, and the secure Velcro straps.Sidi's Ergo 2 Carbon shoes make every road ride better!
Sidi's Carbon Grid soles allow the shoes to be thicker where extra stiffness is needed and thinner where it’s not for the ultimate in super-light pedaling power.
Sidi's carbon soles are light and stiff!
Sidi's Genius 6.6 Carbons are light, stiff and fit like a champ!
Go ahead and ride as far and as hard as you want. You'll stay super comfortable and pedal more efficiently than ever in Sidi's Genius 6.6 Carbon shoes. Thanks to their Carbon Grid soles, these shoes are light and stiff for awesome pedal power, while the Lorica/mesh uppers offer luxurious comfort. Plus, you'll benefit from Sidi's Arch Compression Straps, Ultra SL Buckles and Velcro closures that provide the perfect fit every ride.

Frustrated by sloppy shoes that won’t fit right no matter what you do? Try Sidi's Dominator 5 Narrow Loricas. They have a sleek design that cures the loose-shoe blues with a custom fit. The exceptionally comfortable Lorica uppers include soft, padded tongues and conforming plastic heel cups. Sidi's stiff and ergonomic Competition soles offer amazing pedal power and comfort. And, Sidi's Arch Compression Straps and Ultra SL Buckles deliver a great feel and easy adjustability for a perfect fit on every ride.Sidi's Dominator 5 Narrow Loricas offer a custom fit! 

Sidi's Competition Soles offer awesome pedal power and traction!
Sidi's Competition soles are made of tough, reinforced nylon and feature self-cleaning treads. They're also drilled for toe spikes should you need additional traction in severe conditions (sold separately).

Sidi's Zetas are pedaling perfection in an affordable package. The durable mesh uppers offer a glove-like fit and excellent ventilation so your feet stay comfy and dry. And, Sidi's Millennium soles are stiff enough for awesome climbing power with enough give to eliminate hot spots and provide all-day comfort. Plus, the Velcro closures feel great and make it simple to fine-tune the fit.Sidi's Zetas offer top-notch quality and a great ride! 
 Sidi's Women's Bullet 2s are comfy and efficient!Sidi's Women's Bullet 2 Mesh shoes fit superbly, are built to last and offer excellent pedal power. The supple uppers and the molded plastic heel cups deliver a custom fit. Sidi's Competition soles handle any terrain, whether you're riding or hiking. And, the Velcro closures let you fine-tune even while riding.

Sidi knows that every foot is unique, which is exactly why several of their models come in varying widths for each size. Even pressure and support are important factors in preventing fatigue and pain and this is accomplished with a precise Sidi fit.
Sidi shoes come in all the right sizes for a custom fit!

The Women's T2 Triathlons feature Sidi's rigid Millennium II soles that deliver incredible power transfer for exceptional bike splits. You’ll also love how the supple Lorica uppers and heel cups mold to your feet for a custom fit and incredible comfort. Plus, the clever no-tongue design speeds your transitions and the neoprene lining is super comfy even when you're riding without socks. Sidi was one of the first companies to make tri-specific shoes and they still make the best.Sidi's Women's T2 Triathlons make for quick transitions!
Swing by soon to see all our Sidi shoes and experience the famous Sidi fit for yourself!