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Sidi Bicycle Shoes: The Perfect Fit!

Sidi cycling shoes are the top choice of professional riders around the globe!

For outstanding comfort, awesome power transfer and amazing durability, there's nothing like Sidi cycling shoes. Handcrafted in Italy, they offer a fit and feel you'll love whether you're a roadie or mountain biker, a top-level pro or just starting out. Come experience the Sidi difference!

Sidi's Ergo 1 Carbon Mesh shoes are the ultimate in cycling footwear!
The Ergo 1 Carbon Mesh is hands down Sidi's most advanced road shoe. The supple Lorica/mesh uppers fit like a dream, mold to your feet, are extremely durable and breathe to keep your feet comfy no matter how hard or far you ride. The state-of-the-art Ergo Carbon soles provide maximum power transfer while minimizing vibration, fatigue and hot spots. And, with Sidi’s Ultra SL Buckles, Arch Compression Straps, Tecno II Monofilament Dials, and Velcro straps, you get an amazing custom fit that can be fine-tuned to your heart’s content.

Sidi's Ergo System Carbon soles feature rigid high-modulus-carbon plates that bridge the heel and ball of the foot for a powerful pedal stroke, yet they flex just enough for top comfort, too. They also keep the shoes nice and light!
Sidi's Ergo System Carbon soles are light and stiff!

You don't have to be Einstein to enjoy the comfort of the Genius 5 Mesh shoes!
Sidi's Genius 5 Mesh is perfect for serious road riders thanks to the comfortable Lorica/mesh uppers, which breathe keeping your feet dry and cool, and the Millennium II soles, which optimize power transfer with just enough flexibility for comfort. The molded plastic heel cups and padded tongues complement the sweet fit. And, the Ultra SL Buckles and Velcro straps let you easily fine-tune the fit.

Dominate the dirt with Sidi's Dominator 5 Loricas!

The Dominator 5 Loricas are Sidi's most popular mountain bike shoes, and it's easy to see why. The Competition soles are stiff yet compliant for hard-core riding and walking. And the Lorica uppers are super comfortable, water resistant, and even tougher than leather. Plus, the Ultra SL Buckles with Arch Compression Straps provide an exceptionally adjustable fit you’ll love.

Sidi's Arch Compression Strap distributes the pressure for top comfort!
Sidi's Arch Compression Straps are anatomically shaped to spread the pressure and provide a snug, secure and ultra-comfortable fit

Pump out the power with Sidi's Zeta Carbon Mesh shoes!

Sidi's Zeta 5.5 HT Carbon Mesh shoes combine the latest technology with classic style for a great all-round fit and feel. Sidi's Hi Tech Carbon Soles ensure that none of your pedal power is wasted. The molded plastic heel cups and triple-Velcro closures give you a custom fit that's simple to fine-tune. And, the mesh panels keep your feet cool and dry.

Sidi's Women's Dominator 5 Mesh shoes are light and fast!
Sidi's Women's Dominator 5 Mesh shoes are a fantastic choice for mountain bikers, singletrack fanatics and anyone who appreciates the fantastic feel of handcrafted shoes. The Dominator's Competition soles are ultra light and stiff so no pedaling energy is wasted. And they feature aggressive lugs for excellent traction. The Lorica uppers include mesh that keeps your feet cool and dry even on the hottest rides. Plus, Sidi’s Arch Compression Straps and easy-to-use Ultra SL Buckles and Velcro closures provide the best fit ever.

Sidi's Competition soles are made of tough, reinforced nylon and feature self-cleaning treads. They're also drilled for toe spikes should you need additional traction in severe conditions (sold separately).
Sidi's Competition soles grip great!

Sidi's Women's T-1 Triathlon Loricas slip on and off super quick!

The Women's T-1 Triathlon Loricas feature Sidi's rigid Millennium II soles that deliver incredible power transfer for exceptional bike splits. You’ll also love how the supple Lorica uppers and heel cups mold to your feet for a custom fit and incredible comfort. Plus, the clever no-tongue design speeds your transitions and the neoprene lining ensures sockless comfort. Sidi was one of the first companies to make tri-specific shoes and they still make the best.

These are a few of our favorite Sidis. Come see, and try some on in person!