Specialized accessories make every ride better!Specialized accessories make every ride better!Specialized accessories make every ride better!
You may know Specialized for their extensive line of bikes. Yet they also create top-notch accessories and apparel to make cycling as enjoyable as possible. Here's a taste of the great Specialized gear we offer. Swing by the shop to see our full line-up today!
Specialized's Air-8 is light and well vented!

Specialized's Air-8 is an affordable helmet with high-end features, such as In-mold construction for durability, Specialized's Pro-Fit retention system for a custom fit and multiple large vents for cooling and comfort. It even includes a clip-on visor (not shown) for relief from the elements.
Specialized's Pro Fit 2 retention system delivers a custom fit!

Specialized's Pro Fit 2 retention system now offers rear vertical adjustment, allowing for an even more customized fit. And it still continues to offer on-the-fly adjustment to hold the helmet securely and comfortably in place.
Specialized's Kani Arm Pads let you take tougher lines at higher speeds. The custom-molded outer shell allows ventilation and provides strong protection, too. These pads are shaped for aggressive cycling positions and the elastic strap on the forearm holds them securely. Specialized's Kani Arm Pads offer great protection that stays put!

Whether it's dark or sunny, you'll always have the right lens!

Specialized's Adaptalite lenses automatically respond to changing light conditions, adjusting from practically clear or slightly tinted to fully dark in as little as 15 seconds!
Specialized took their proven lens technology and put it into a fun pair of glasses that work great everywhere. The El Toros feature Specialized's NXT lens technology for super light weight, optical clarity and shatter resistance. And, they provide 100% UVA and UVB protection no matter what light you're in. Plus, these great glasses are vented to prevent fogging, too. 

The El Toro glasses change tint with the light!

Specialized's S-Works shoes fit and feel great!Ride like a pro wearing Specialized's S-Works Road Shoes. These ultra-light shoes feature advanced carbon soles with Specialize's proven Boa rotary closures. These ingenious “laces” instantly self adjust distributing the pressure evenly across your foot. Additionally, these speed slippers feature Specialized's Body Geometry ergonomics for top-notch efficiency and comfort so you’ll finish every ride fresher and faster!

The S-Works Carbon Road Shoes are one of the lightest production cycling shoes available. Thanks to the carbon soles, you have a custom feel that eliminates hot spots and optimizes pedal power, too.Specialized's shoes offer excellent pedal power!

Ride in comfort with Specialized's Ariel saddle!
Specialized's Ariel is a women's-specific mountain bike saddle that delivers all-day comfort. It features the women's Specialized's Body Geometry shape, which offers cushioned support where you need it and open space where you don't, making numbness and pain things of the past. Plus, the padding extends beyond the shell for top comfort even when you scoot back on the descents.
Specialized's BG Gel Full Finger Gloves feature thick and durable gel foam padding to cushion vibration and protect your hands. These awesome gloves also boast durable Clarino synthetic-leather on the palms, with microfleece thumbs and neoprene closures. Plus, the Body Geometry pads eliminate numbness by relieving pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerves. Specialized's BG Gel Full Finger Gloves are warm and comfy!

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