Specialized Body Geometry!

Whether you plan on riding for 30 minutes or for 5 hours, there's nothing like Specialized Body Geometry saddles and clothing to keep you comfortable and help the miles pass fast. These ergonomic products enhance your cycling and let you have more fun. Learn all about them here, and then come in in to try them out in person.


The BG2 Pro MTB Women's Saddle is like sitting on a cloud!The BG2 Pro MTB Women's Saddle is designed specifically to meet the function and comfort needs of women off-road riders. The scientifically proven Body Geometry design with V-Groove relieves pressure and improves blood flow, even in extreme riding positions. And, the synthetic-leather top is extremely supple, durable and light. Plus, the corner panels offer protection from abrasion and the titanium rails make this saddle super svelte, plus offer vibration damping for a smooth ride.

Specialized saddles come in 3 widths for a custom fit!Specialized's Body Geometry Saddles accomplish two very important things: 1) Their cutout center portion eliminates soreness, numbness and soft-tissue damage because it doesn't compress the pudendal arteries and nerves. 2) Specialized saddles come in 3 widths to suit your anatomy and riding style by matching the width of your sit bones.

Specialized's Avatar will make every ride more pleasant!

With its ergonomic design and gel padding, the Avatar is the perfect companion for long rides. Specialized's Body Geometry technology takes the pressure off sensitive areas and keeps the blood flowing; while gel padding under the sit bones effectively absorbs shocks and distributes pressure. Plus, the hollow-chromoly rails keep the weight down and the price affordable.
Specialized's Fortress Gloves offer extreme protection!

When it's time to get medieval, the Fortress Gloves put the finishing touches on your body armor. This hardcore cycling gauntlet boasts carbon armor for your wrist bones as well as finger and thumb knuckles. Additional armor covers the tops of the hands and fingers. A mesh top and finger gussets provide ventilation and 3-piece Clarino palms offer a snug fit and superior grip. Plus, Specialized's Body Geometry padding takes the sting out of all-day battles with the elements.
Specialized's Women's BG Gel Gloves offer comfort, ergonomics and a great grip!

The Women's BG Gel Gloves are sized specifically for women and feature thick, durable, gel padding to cushion road vibrations. These awesome gloves features durable Clarino synthetic-leather palms, microfleece thumbs and neoprene wrist closures. Plus, the Body Geometry pads eliminate hand numbness by relieving pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerves.

Specialized's Women's Trail Shorts are stylish and comfortable!

Specialized's Women's Trail Shorts sport a comfortable and durable 100%-nylon shell with a surf-style front lace closure with zipper. The liner includes Specialized's sweet Body Geometry Comp Chamois, which has differentiated thicknesses for optimal comfort. Plus, these shorts breathe to keep you dry and cool when the going gets hot.

Specialized's Body Geometry Chamois padding makes their shorts the best!
For top comfort, Specialized shorts include Body Geometry Chamois pads. These stretch to conform to your body, are seam free to prevent chafing, wick moisture to keep you dry and include Specialized's Body Geometry padding for top-notch cushioning and comfort on even the longest rides.

Specialized's BG Pro Bibs offer awesome comfort!

Bib shorts are ultra comfortable because they're suspended to move with you and because there's no elastic biting your waist. Specialized's BG Pro Bib could be the ultimate bib short. With its incredibly comfortable seamless and moisture-wicking chamois to its super-supportive Fieldsensor fabric, you'll love how the BG Pro just feels better and better as you pile on the miles. Plus, these great shorts are built tough to last for years.

Stop by our shop today to see these sweet items up close, or to see more of Specialized's superb Body Geometry accessories and components!